Monday, November 24, 2008

From Mike: Transplant Tomorrow

Dawn had her last day of total body irradiation today. The last 4 days have been very busy for her. The radiation oncology folks are over in the main hospital, where Dawn was in July/August for her first round of chemo. Now that she's here at the new tower she has to be transported via ambulance to get her radiation treatments.

Dawn was hoping they used sirens. No, but they did use the big air horn.

Dawn and Mom on the ambulance

Her radiation treatments went ok and the doctors are surprised she hasn't been nauseous or had any other real side effects from the radiation. Her pain has gone away almost completely. They have her on a constant pain med infusion plus a PCA (patient-controlled analgesia) where she can hit the button when she needs more. She hasn't really needed the button much and they've reduced the dose that automatically goes into her central line. The pain meds can make her a bit lethargic and loopy at times.

Her transplant tomorrow is a GO! At around 10am the nurse will come in and hook up the cord blood to her pump. It will take about 30 minutes and her transplant will be done! Somewhere in this world are two mothers who have no idea that because they chose to donate their cord blood, they are saving someones life tomorrow. I know they'll likely never read this blog, but THANK YOU!


Video of Total Body Irradiation (as seen on video monitor)

Custom shields block radiation from the lungs

Rice flour? They said it scattered the radiation or something around the head?

Hanging photos in the room. Lots of good times, and lots more to come!



Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hey there Dawn and Mike

I will be thinking of you all at 10am tomorrow, and also sending a big thanks to those two new mothers who donated the cord blood.

I hope you have a good re-birth day.

Sending you a HUGE cyber hug and also a hug from me to your mom.

love and light
Steven's mom

Steve Vandergriff said...

Tomorrow will be a victorious day!!! Time to show this thing who's boss once and for all! Keep smiling on the outside, laughing on the inside. Go get 'em Dawn, my prayers are with you...


David Nelson said...

hey there babygirl, sorry i haven't touched bases with you up till now, but here I am, and i'm praying for you daily, you're in my thoughts always. am pushin for you today that this will do the trick....LOVE YOU DAWN!!!!!

Uncle David N.

Tara said...

1 hour and 20 minutes until your new birthday. Many more to celebrate, but this will be the most important.

Thinking of you and the new life to come at 10am!!!


hockeychic said...

Hope everything goes well today. Best wishes!