Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Transplant in progress.

Transplant is underway. This picture was instantly posted. You can see Dawn is holding the cord blood. (click on the picture to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

We are watching and praying that all will go well. Thanks to the parents that donated the cord blood to save anothers life.
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Maria G @ Sea said...

hope all is going perfectly... love that pillow!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

My name is Dan and I just wanted to say that your story is very helpfull as I wait for my own bone marrow biopsy test results. I also wanted to tell Mike to keep up the good work, you are doing an excelent job not only with the blog but with helping Dawn through what I can only imagine is the toughest time in her life. Good luck with the transplant Dawn, I wish you all the luck and KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!!

Tara said...

Hope your doing well and wishing you a happy "new" birthday.


Gina P. said...

The cheering section is going full force...Go fight! What a new and brighter day. Love seeing that big smile on your face! Keep on fighting girl!

Love you!!

G and T

Toni Baker said...


Congrats! Now the focus is on getting healthy and staying away from all those nasty spores. So anyone coming to see Dawn, no fresh VEGGIES, PLANTS or FLOWERS, FRUITS and no colds! (the mother in me is coming out)

We love you!!!
Mike's Mom

Anonymous said...

I know God is cradling you in holy arms today. Keep fighting the good fight; all the Saints are surrounding you, cheering you on to victory. Pastor Helen Dukes

Matt said...

What a thrilling picture! We're thinking good thoughts for you!

Merideth said...

Hi Dawn, I found your blog through Annie's blog. Hope you don't mind that I am following your journey. You are definitely in my thoughts on a daily basis. I am so inspired by watching you go through this incredibly hard process with the BIGGEST smile on your face! How do you do it? You are AMAZING! I am sending positive vibes, and love, and healing wishes....HUGS from Washington DC! ♥