Friday, December 5, 2008

From Mike: Day +10 (Day 4 in ICU)

Update: 7pm
She's been sleeping for the most part. Her vitals still excellent and she has lots of fluid output. All the Dr.'s that come to check on her like what they're seeing. Still just a waiting game of getting this fluid out of her.

Update: 1:45pm
Well removing the tube didn't go so well so it's back in. She still has a lot of fluid around the lungs, better than previous days, but it's still there. She was really having to fight to breathe and she wasn't able to exhale the right amount of carbon dioxide. They check her blood gas levels frequently and it was building up making her even more tired. Her condition isn't any worse than before but she was just having to struggle too hard to breathe on her own. Stress also causes the body to release antidiuretic hormones which isn't what we want right now. We need her to keep outputting fluid. So the plan is to remain on the tube and keep her kidneys pumping out fluid. They give her a drug called lasix which helps increase her output. It will take some time, even though she's removing a lot of fluid, the fluid around the lungs tend to take longer to resolve. They just finished an echocardiogram and it appears the amount of fluid around the heart is much less than yesterday. So bad news, the tube is back in, but the good news is things are still progressing in the right direction. Today isn't necessarily a step back, just not the leap forward we were hoping for.

Update: 10:50am
They removed the tube around 9:30 and replaced it with a mask that still adds pressure to the lungs and help them expand. She's not very comfortable but is breathing OK. Her blood pressure is really high, I think she's a little anxious. She doesn't like this mask but I don't think she likes the alternative any better. For now I'm just trying to keep her relaxed.

Update: 9am
She's awake but trying to relax. Her vitals are all still excellent. She still has the tube but she's breathing on her own. The docs are a few doors down in their rounding so I think we'll know soon what their plan is for taking the tube out. Her kidneys are working awesome and it's helping to get some of this fluid out. Things are still heading in the right direction, I hope to report better news soon.


Anonymous said...

To God be the glory. I recognize this as a miraculous answer to prayer. So many have been praying including a prayer group from Sugarland, TX that met for prayer yesterday. He says pray and keep on praying and that is what we are doing and with that we will not forget to thank Him. Thank you so much for the continued updates. My love to all. Aunt Gloria

Tara said...

Yeah! Come on Dawn. Get better so you can give Mike a rest and start blogging!


kris gruca said...

Dawn, Great to hear that things are going in the right direction.
Many thoughts and prayers for you, Mike and your family.

Mike, Thank you so much for all the updates and all of the information throughout. Not only do I think you are bringing comfort to dawn being at her side but also to a lot of family and friends with the updates and in knowing that dawn has such a warrior on her side. The love you share with her is fierce. Thank you for taking such good care of dawn!


Felicia said...

Hallelujah!!! And more good things to come.... Hugs and prayers, Felicia

dwain said...

All hopes and thoughts for you both and your families.

Come on, Dawn-da-da-dawn-da-da-dawn-dawn-dawn!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that they had to put the tube back in, but if it aids in her breathing better, then that had to be done. Happy to hear that she is still doing better than before and is getting rid of the fluids. I know having your Mom there to help a little will give you a little more rest but keep the updates coming. Show Dawn a picture of Buddy every now and then, sure that will help. He looked so cute with that note around his neck, almost like he knew what it said.
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Maria G @ Sea said...

i am so amazed by how hard you are fighting dawn! you truly are a strong & inspiring person. i'm so glad to hear that things are getting better. can't wait 'til you're better & can blog yourself & give mike a break! sending my love...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,so glad you are better, just keep foghting and the Lord will get you through this all. there is not anything worse than not being able to breathe, knowing from my experience with copd.We love and pray for you all the time honey.Take care and try to stay calm so blood pressure will go down..Kiss Steve and Cristy for us..Much love. Grandma Green

JillJ said...

Hi Dawn, my daughter Lauren Johnson (she works @ the hospital) called me tonight to tell me about you and to tell me about the bone marrow information. She bought a kit and I plan to as well. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family! Jill Johnson

Tara said...

+11 days. Hope your feeling better Dawn. Keep up the good fight. Can't wait for the new updates telling us your up and about.
Have a good weekend.