Wednesday, December 10, 2008

From Mike: Day +15 (Day 9 in ICU)

Update: 10:00pm
I left Dawn in good hands tonight. She has the same nurse she's had for the last three nights and Dawn really likes her. I've been staying nights with her in ICU but she was still heavily sedated when I left and they said they were going to try and keep her sedated enough to get a good nights sleep. I have to stay here at home tomorrow morning while we get a new A/C installed at the house. That means I won't be at the hospital to blog but her parents are going in early morning. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated. They're going to do a CT scan tonight to see if they can find anything else going on that could be causing the fluid to return so quickly. I imagine they're going to let her rest tomorrow and just keep on with the progress they've been making. If they find anything with the CT or if anything else of note happens then I'll do my best to update everyone.

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Sorry for not posting earlier, the wireless Internet here at MUSC isn't working today. I got a chance to go home and get my own router and some cables so I'm back in business.

Dawn got her tube out at 11:45am this morning. But, it's back in again. This morning they did the T-bar test and she did great. Initially she was doing really well breathing on her own. Her Dad came to visit and I got a chance to go home for a shower and to catch up on a few things. Not long after, her Dad called back and asked if I'd come back asap. She got a little anxious and her breathing rate went up. She was having a hard time trying to catch her breath and by 4pm, she said she was done and wanted back on the ventilator. She gave it a good try, but I guess she just wasn't ready. They're trying to figure out why she's having such a hard time and why her oxygen levels weren't holding.

She was in good spirits and it was great to hear her voice again. Other than that, she's doing really well. She's back sedated again since they put the tube back in. Not sure how soon till she's awake again. Her counts are still doing good, especially the neutrophils.
Neutrophils: .166 (up from .100 yesterday) (44%)
WBC: .360
RBC: 2.72
Hemoglobin: 7.6
Platelets: 38K
Creatinine: 1.7
Bilirubin: 4.9


Anonymous said...

Come on Dawn, you can do it!!!! Just try to relax... you can find peace and healing within.

Anonymous said...

Go Dawn Go!

Rooting for you in California!


Tara said...

Dawn your doing so good. This is only a little bump on this huge road. Like the earlier post said, try and relax your in a GRAT hospital and have great staff around you to help. Take your time when your ready. Mike, thanks for the update.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike & Dawn!
That is ok & normal for her to anxious...they will figure things out..will have to figure where & how to get the extra fluid two hang in always I send my love & thoughts to you both...look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

Was so happy to hear when I talked to your Mom this afternoon that the tube was out and Dawn was doing fine. I was a little worried when you didn't post earlier today but your Mom told me about you losing connection at the hospital. Hope they can figure out what went wrong that the tube had to be reinserted. Maybe when you left the hospital Dawn just got anxious. Tell Dawn to think good thoughts and bring her the picture of Buddy to look at. Hope things go better tomorrow. Keep us posted.
Give Dawn our love.
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so poignant - a real testament to the human spirit and will. I've been praying for Dawn and all of you since I linked to your blog from the Maumee Watershed District site. Just wanted to tell you something I read about C. Diff. Supposedly the hand sanitizers are not effective in killing the bacteria. Soap and warm water for hand washing is much safer. Maybe you could check that out with Dawn's nurses.

Julie said...

Hi Mike and Dawn,

I've been following the blog daily and praying for you both. I ran into one of the tape operators from Paris this weekend and I pulled up all my photos from that summer to show him, and I realized I had so many of the two of you, and I thought maybe they'd make you smile:
Mike I know we will cross paths for work sometime soon, and Dawn I can't wait til you join him out on the road again, it was a pleasure meeting you, keep fighting!

Julie Landa

Maria G @ Sea said...
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