Sunday, December 14, 2008

From Mike: Day +19 (Day 13 in ICU)

* Many of you have sent emails and texts asking if there's anything you can do. Yes there is! Those of you who are serious about helping, please join the bone marrow registry. You can find info at I know this is what Dawn would want everyone to do. She feels like her life is passing her by in the hospital. To know that people are out there joining the registry in her honor really brings her joy and a sense of purpose. If you've already joined, recruit a friend or neighbor!

Please join the registry, there are many others out there right now worse off than Dawn because they can't find a donor.

If anyone has any question for Dawn or myself about anything feel free to ask in the comments. I read all the comments and will try to answer them for you.

Note: I'm putting most recent hourly updates below previous updates so you can read from top to bottom inside each post.

Update 9:40am
Dawn is still pretty sedated not much activity. The Dr.'s haven't rounded yet but I saw one outside the cafeteria that just finished her "pre-rounding" check on Dawn. Her kidney and liver numbers are still stable today. I haven't seen them but I assume that means they're about the same as yesterday. She output 2 liters more than she took in yesterday so she's getting rid of that fluid! And she's getting a lot of fluid everyday because of the amount of meds she's getting, I heard somewhere around 4 liters a day. IV medication is usually diluted in saline and some of it is "pushed" through the pumps by even more saline. Every day they examine the medicine she's on to see if she can do without any or if any can be changed. Some of her meds have been changed to oral and can be injected into her feeding tube. She looks better and better every day.

Update: 10:30am
Got some numbers: (normal in parenthesis)
Creatinine: 1.4 (.4-1.0)
WBC: .450 (4.8-10.8) up from yesterday
Hemoglobin: 7.7 (12-16)
Neutrophils: .210 (2.2-7.6) highest ever! need 3 days > .500 to confirm engraftment
Bilirubin: 3.9 (.2-1.3)


Jon said...

Your prayed for everyday.

Living Faith UMC said...

Were always here for you.
-Living Faith UMC

Felicia Murray said...

So Dawn, I hear you're lookin' better everyday... So glad to hear it!!! We're praying for you. Can't wait to hear more good news tomorrow.


Jan said...

We here at Living Faith pray for you daily....Don't think people have forgotten you....we are all here for you. My sister in Florida checks in to see how you are doing & they all pray for you too.... Tell your mom to give you a BIG hug for us

Jan Rhonehouse

Tara said...

Your doing great Dawn!! Keep making those important neutrophils! Still praying for you in Philly.


Maria G said...

awesome to see consistent good news! keep it up dawn!
lots of love,

atwill13 said...

Hey guys. Just found your blog. Haven't talked to Mike since I saw him in the parking lot of walmart (very soon after your diagnosis) Left some voice mail for Mike. I can see you guys have had your hands full. Hoping for the best through the holidays. I love that they let you out to play with the dog. That's neat. Take care you guys. We'll be prayin'. joe s.....

Anonymous said...

Dawn (and Mike)
It was great to see you this weekend! I'm glad that you are making improvements. I know that it seems like an uphill battle at the moment but kepp dancing. I am sure you probably won't remember doing that, but you made me laugh!

I will collect all the funny stories I can this week and come by to make you giggle.

Love you and miss you!