Monday, December 15, 2008

From Mike: Day +20 (Day 14 in ICU)

Update: 9:30am
Not much has changed overnight. It wasn't a very good night for her fluid balance, yesterday they gave her more fluids than she put out, but that's partly because of extra meds yesterday and she got two units of blood and platelets. They're changing her sedative to ativan from propofol which will decrease slightly the amount of fluids she's getting. She did have a good night in the blood production department. Her WBC is up to .650. Her creatinine is stable at 1.4. Her bilirubin is up to 5.8 but we don't her neutrophils yet. They're going to try changing the settings on the ventilator after they change sedatives. They want to see if she'll do the work of breathing on her own with some pressure support. The machine has been doing all the work so her diaphragm hasn't been used which can make it weak.

Update: noon
Dawn's employer Go To Team is helping with the leukemia battle. Go To Team is sponsoring the $52 HLA typing fee for all their employees who register to be bone marrow donors before the end of the year! That's Awesome!
I told Dawn about all the people that recently have joined in honor of her. She wrote "That's amazing, I'm so excited!" Remember, you can join at If you've already joined, get a friend to join!

Update: 3:00pm
I finally got her neutrophil count for today: .428! Yesterday she was at .210. We need three straight days of .500 and greater to confirm engraftment.

Update: 4:30pm
Newer numbers:
WBC: .770
Neutrophils: .460
Her platelets are extremely low at 16, I assume they'll be giving her some.
She's been sleeping most of the day. She was up for a bit after the changed sedatives but then she asked for some extra ativan and she's been sleeping ever since.


Anonymous said...

Hope when they change the settings on the ventilator that Dawn will be able to do most of the breathing on her own. It seems like just yesterday that they were going to take the tube out. Progress is slow but there are also a lot of good signs, tell Dawn to hang in there, fight, and make sure you stay strong and get some rest. Thinking about you both each and every day. God Bless
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Gina P. said...

Things are slowly looking up. That is good news. Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date on Dawn's progress. She is fighting this very well and I am sure your love and support is helping her just as much. Both of you are doing a great job and I admire your strength through all of this.

Love and Best Wishes always...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn.we are so glad you are making progress in the fight,Every little bit helps. We are pulling and praying for you and you are in our thoughts constantly.God bless you and Mike.We love you very muccch...Grandma Green

Tara said...

Your neutrophil counts are awesome!!! Keep up the excellent progress!! Thanks Mike for keeping us informed.


Anonymous said...

Great news about the ANC :)
Alexis (nurse from yesterday)