Tuesday, December 16, 2008

From Mike: Day +21 (Day 15 in ICU)

Update: 9:20am
Dawn didn't do too well on the diuretics again. They're not getting the fluid output they want so they might consider doing a type of dialyisis. The dialysis is somewhat invasive and has risks, including infection, so it's something they put considerable thought into before doing it. Her liver number is up again today (not good), it's in the 6's. It was in the 3's a few days ago after two weeks of slow decline back towards normal. Her blood count numbers are good again today. She's still climbing. Her neutrophils are up to .8 something - double of yesterday, which was double the previous day. So this officially marks day 1 of Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) > .500. Two more days and we can confirm engraftment. With her trend I'm optimistic. I'm not at the hospital this morning but her Mom reported that she was sleeping.

Update: 12:30pm
I have some updated numbers:
Creatinine: 1.6
WBC: 1.140
Hemoglobin: 9.3
Platelets: 33
Neutrophils: .741
Bilirubin: 6.3 (up from 5.8 yesterday)

Her swelling looks worse today. They're still considering Dialysis and also doing a tracheostomy. A tracheostomy is where they surgically put a small hole in the neck and put a tube straight into the trachea (windpipe). This will allow her to be less sedated as it's more comfortable than a tube into her mouth. In addition to being less sedated, she'll be able to move around, something she hasn't been able to do in over two weeks.

Update: 4:13pm
They've decided to do a type of dialysis called hemodialysis. They're currently putting a central line into her neck. She already has a hickman, an arterial cathetor, and last night for some reason, they put in another IV line. They're going to start trying to take about 100ml of fluid per hour. In the morning they'll probably up it after they see how's she's doing. It's easy to take too much fluid too rapidly so they have to monitor her closely. They've decided to hold off on the tracheostomy for a few days so they can see how well the dialysis works.

Update: 8:50pm
They put the central line in her neck and Dawn is now on the dialysis machine. It's currently taking 150ml of fluid out of her blood per hour.


Tara said...

Come on Dawn, you can beat this. Your ANC is great, but lets get that fluid out. I'll pray the doctors make the best decision in your case and help you get better.


Anonymous said...

Good news about the ANC count, now if they can get the fluid situation under control without having to put her on dialyisis that would be a blessing. It's nice that Dawn's Mom is there to spend time with Dawn in the hospital. I'm sure if Dawn wakes up it makes her feel good to see a loving face smiling down on her. Take care Mike and keep posting.
Love to both of you
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

melyferb said...

love you!

Tara said...

Found this on CNN: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/health/2008/12/15/dcl.intv.bone.marrow.cnn

Thought you would find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting! You're doing so well! Our church is praying! We love you both!

Jessica from P.C.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I registered to donate bone marrow a few weeks ago because of Dawn. I am keeping her in my prayers and I hope she starts feeling better soon!

Kim said...

Dawn, Mike and Christy,
I sent in my marrow donor registration this morning and said a prayer for you and the person I hope I can help. Sounds like you are working so hard and are making important strides. I'm praying for you and I'll try to stop by soon.
-Kim Sudheimer

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Dear Dawn and Mike
You are in my thoughts every day and I wish for you all much easier days ahead.
Also - a big hug for Mom
Love and light and a big cyber hug

Anonymous said...


Princess Pan Pantabulous said...

Wow i accidentally stumbled upon this blog while searching for the definition of 'endoscopy'. Dawn keep fighting! I'l be cheering you on from half across the globe (I think it IS half across.. isn't it?). Anyway, I really hope to see you healthy one day :) take care dear!


Gina P. said...

You both are in my thoughts consistently. Continued best wishes for both of you on a good/successful recovery. Your counts are all good news and things continue to look up. Keep up the good work.

My love to both of you! :)