Thursday, December 18, 2008

From Mike: Day +23 (Day 17 in ICU)

Update 10:40am
We can start with the good news. Her blood counts are awesome. Her WBC is 3.44 (normal 4.8-10.8) and her neutrophils are 2.442 (normal 2.2-7.6). So you can see her neutrophils are in the low but normal range, excellent for day 23 post cord transplant. It appears that engraftment is confirmed but I haven't seen Dr. Costa yet to discuss this.

They've stopped dialysis. It was causing her calcium and alkaline levels to go out of normal. It has something to do with the way her current dialysis machine works. This machine is designed to run 24/7 and slowly pull fluid off. They're going to switch her to a more old fashion type machine that will run for 3 hours a day and pull fluid much quicker. Her creatinine is still a bit high at 1.8 (normal .4 - 1.0). What worries me most is her bilirubin. It's up again today to 7.2 (normal .2 - 1.3). We were seeing it trend downward last week and now it seems to be trending upwards again. Her 21 days are up on the defibrotide study drug but they're going to keep her on it. It's the only drug known to help the veno occlusive disease. It helps in about 45% of cases studied. Her swelling appears to be up again today. Her breathing appears to be stable, the machine is still doing most of the work. She's still very sedated. When they lower the sedation she appears very uncomfortable and agitated. I forgot to mention she also has a 102.7 fever. They're not yet sure of the cause.

Update: 5:00pm
Dawn started dialysis about 4:15pm. They're going to try and take 4 liters of fluid out. Today they've taken a bunch of cultures from her blood and saliva to try and figure out why she has a fever. It could be just a symptom of her counts coming back but they're not making any assumptions. She's a bit tender in the stomach area. They did an x-ray and have ordered an ultrasound to look at her liver and gall bladder.

Dialysis underway

"Wilson" the glove balloon


Merideth said...

I am so sorry. Y'all just can't seem to win. For every step forward you take, it seems you take one back. Grrrrr I really hate this disease! I continue to be inspired, amazed, and proud of Dawn who continues to fight like a true champion. HUGS and love and healing postive vibes to you both! ♥

Anonymous said...

Dang. I'm praying! You have all of my thoughts and warm wishes. Love you both.

Jessica from P.C.

Felicia said...

Hey Guys, what to say... I'm still praying. I'm still hoping and dreaming of the day when Dawn will be through all of this and Emmanuel and I can visit you guys in Charleston (on the beach perhaps, we really miss the ocean). The only thing that I know for sure (fo' shizzle for BC grads) is that God's on The Throne and he that sees, knows, hears us when we pray,has compassion, and has the power to make all things new--even now. He's the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Love you both, Get Well Soon Dawn, Felicia

Anonymous said...

Like Merideth said, every time you take a step forward in the recovery process it seems something comes up to push you back a step or two. I pray before the end of this year you'll be able to give all positive findings and that Dawn will be able to talk, laugh, and joke with you once again. All we can do here is pray for both of you, and let you know we are here should you need anything.
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Tara said...

The great and the not to great huh?? your WBC count is awesome!! Your popping out those neutrophils fast! Now that pesky ventilator. You just have to kick that things ass. One thing at a time. We're all pulling for you!


Gina P. said...

Man...when does the madness stop? Still keeping the faith and hoping for the best.

My love to both of you!