Saturday, December 20, 2008

From Mike: Day +25 (Day 19 in ICU)

Update: 12:35pm
They just finished a broncoscopy. The procedure they did was a Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL). During a BAL they use the broncoscope to push a tube with a camera into the lungs. Then they inject some saline fluid into the lung and pull some fluid out for testing. They inserted the tube down her trachea and into her left lung. From there you could see how it splits, like branches. They kept going deeper and deeper until they got to a good place to take a sample. They injected and removed three syringes of saline. In the video below you're looking at the image from the camera at the end of the tube. If you look closely you can see the saline being injected into her lungs. Then they pull back on the syringe and pull the fluid out.

Video of fluid going into the lungs, then being pulled out

* Remember you can click on any of the pictures below to see them full size.

Inserting the bronchoscope

Image from camera inside the lung. You can see they're coming up on a "fork" or branch.

Here they're inserting the fluid from a syringe then pulling it back out

This is the bronchoscope (the black device). If you look close you can see the light at the end of the tube. This is also where the camera is. The three syringes contain the fluid they extracted.

She's been real agitated, still pulling on things. The nurse called us at home last night because she wanted one of us there. Her Mom came back to the hospital and stayed the night. They did dialysis this morning and took off another 4 liters of fluid. Her blood pressure was lower today so they couldn't take as much. Her swelling was up again this morning but looks a little better after the dialyisis. Her fever keeps coming and going but none of the tests have show any infection. Right her temp is 99.3. The big concern today is the lungs and liver. Her bilirubin today is up to 11.0 (normal .2-1.3) so it is continuing to trend upwards. She's still doing fine with her blood counts. Her white cell count is down a bit to 4.250 and her neutrophils are 3.315. Even though her white cell count is down a bit, she's still doing good considering they stopped the G-CSF shots that help with her cell production so no concern there.


Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hi Mike and Dawn and Mom

Sending you so many positive thoughts and vibes and hopes! I come here every day in the deep hope that something good is going on, that Dawn is feeling better and everything is sorting itself out.

I will keep hoping and believing.

love and light to you all

Anonymous said...

One thing life has taught me in the many years that I spent here on earth is, if someone else has done it before me, I'm going to try with all of my ability to do it also. You know others have fought this battle and won, now it's your turn to give it all you have and fight with all in you to beat this and get back on your feet. God knows we have prayed for your recovery. Mike hang in there, you have done good keeping everyone informed with your complete reports and pictures.
Love you both
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Tara said...

Hey Dawn. I'm sorry your going though all of this. You must be annoyed that everyone seems to be poking and prodding you every 20 minutes, but you have to hang in there. Everyone who loves you is praying that everything works out for you and that you get off the ventilator and start blogging soon. I has to be hard lying there, but just know all the doctors and nurses are doing all that can to get you well. I keep waiting for the day when Mike blogs: "she up and about and wonder why you were all worried about her". We all just want to see you better. I'll keep praying. Have a peaceful night Dawn, Mike, and the rest of the family.


Toni Baker said...

Hey Darlin,
You are fighting so hard and I know it seems like you aren't getting to where you want to be and where we all want you to be, but don't give up, stay strong, and with your doctors, nurses and all the prayers and happy thoughts, love and light coming your way you will turn the corner before you know it and this will all be just a bad dream after you are well again.
Keep hanging in there, we have a spa date you know, and then we can laugh at Mike with his pedicure again.
Your package will be on its way Monday. I wonder what Santa is bringing you????

Love you bunches,
Mike's Mom and Gina too!

Gina P. said...

Hey Dawn and Mike,

I woke up this morning with you two heavy on my mind. I hope that today brings a better day for both of you and that Dawn will begin to feel more comfortable and relaxed. As always love and best wishes are coming your way. If there is anything we can do to help you guys please let us know.

We love you!
G and T