Friday, December 26, 2008

From Mike: Day +31 (Day 25 in ICU)

Update: 4pm
Things have taken a turn for the worse with her breathing. Yesterday evening she started breathing rapidly. They ended up sedating her late Christmas evening to get her breathing rate down. She's been asleep ever since. She did have some air in her stomach but that's been resolved. She also didn't get dialysis yesterday so the fluid built up somewhat. It's possible there is also something else going on so they're starting from scratch and testing for everything. They're going to do a CT scan as well as a broncoscopy to look inside. They're also going to take cultures to look for infection, virus, bacteria. She had dialysis this morning, they took about 4.5 liters off. Not much has changed since then although it could take a little time for the fluid to redistribute in her body. Her bilirubin is also up again to over 20. They were going to try and do the liver biopsy today but it was too dangerous with her breathing condition.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad news about Dawn's condition taking a turn for the worse. It seems just when you think things are looking up something else comes along to cause a set back. Hopefully they, the Doctors, can figure out what is causing all these problems and resolve them. We pray that Dawn will beat all these set backs and have a bright future ahead for the year 2009 Still waiting for each and every post and the prayers for Dawn's recovery continue.
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Maria G said...

sending positive thoughts & lots and lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Mike and Dawn-
Everyone here in Orlando is thinking of you, and hoping for a better day tomorrow! Have a restful night.
Judi Weiss