Monday, December 1, 2008

From Mike: Day +5

LATEST UPDATE: Dr. Stuart is back making rounds. He said her liver numbers have leveled off, meaning her liver isn't getting any worse. He said her liver numbers were rapidly getting worse for a few days, then leveled off. He can't attribute it to the treatment or just coincidence but it's good news either way. Like he said, "It has to stop getting worse before it gets better." So this is GREAT news.

Day: +5

It's been 5 days since her cord blood transplant. It's still a waiting game for her counts to come back. Luckily, she hasn't been dealing with any problems with fever or infection. The VOD is causing her to retain a lot of fluid. She's very bloated over her entire body, so much her clothes don't really fit her anymore. She's having constant pain, sometimes severe. She has constant morphine and can get more when she pushes a button. The morphine makes her really out of it and it's hard to communicate with her.

They drained fluid from her right lung yesterday, about .8 liters. After the procedure she was in a tremendous amount of pain for about an hour while the lung re-expanded. The nurses were able to do a one time large morphine dose that helped a little. They always do an X-ray after a procedure like that and it showed a small tear in the lung. It's very small it will heal itself but until then, the lung won't expand fully. The tear is so small and hard to see on X-ray that there's been some debate as to whether it's really there or not. The treatment is increased oxygen flow so she's on special breathing device called an Oxymizer.

Drawing fluid from her chest cavity

Oxymizer - Looks like a white mustache when it's on


Tara said...

Hi Dawn. Sorry to hear your in so much pain. My friends and I keep praying for you and that your pain eases soon. Keep fighting!! You have a lot of people looking out for you. Tell your better half he's doing a great job keeping everyone updated.


Maria G @ Sea said...

I'm sorry that you're in so much pain dawn! But it sounds like things are getting better, so great news! Your strength is soooo inspiring. You continue to be in my thoughts as well as the thoughts of my family.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Dawn, know that you aren't able to post right now but Mike is doing a great job letting all that read your Blog know how you are doing and what you have been going through. Wish there were some way we could take all the pain and discomfort away from you but at this point all we can do is pray that it will get better with each passing day. Mike, keep up the fine work you are doing letting all that care about Dawn know what is happening daily.
Love to both
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Toni Baker said...

Hey Sweet Girl,
So sorry about the pain and complications. Keep on drawing on that enormous inner strength you have inside and when you need a little help take some of the strength Mike and your family have for you as you all fight this together. You are certainly not alone. The outpouring of well wishes from your extended family and friends are there for you too.
Some people go through life wondering if they are loved or not. You are not one of those and you never will be...

We all love you very much....

Hugs, kisses, and smiles to you,
Mike's Mom and Gina

Thanks for being such a wonderful son that I am so very proud of.


Tara said...

Thanks for the update Mike!!! Keep doing better Dawn!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn. i am so sorry you are having all these problems, and i know you must be awfully tired now. You are never out of our thoughts and prayers, and it is all in the good Lords hands and he has taken care of bigger problems than these before. YOU HAVE GREAT COURAGE,so keep pulling. I thanks God for your mom and dad and Mike who is so well informed, he must be special. Keep the chin up and trust in God to get through all. We love you more than words can say...Grandma Green