Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From Mike: Day +8 (ICU Day2)

Update: 5:10pm
Just saw the Cardiologist. The echocardiogram looks the same as it did yesterday, so good news, it's not getting any worse. They also confirmed the fluid in the abdomen is not blood. Her vitals are still excellent and her breathing has improved enough that they're lowering the settings of the ventilator. I think the best news is that she's not getting any worse, and may be doing just a little bit better so things are hopefully going in the right direction.

Update: 2:45pm
They just finished an echocardiogram, which is like an ultrasound to look at the heart. They did one yesterday and they want to compare day to day to see if the fluid around her heart is getting any worse. Her heart is still pumping well and her vitals are still excellent. If the fluid does start to impede the hearts function, they have some procedures they can do to remove the fluid. They did find some bacteria in her blood and urine that they're now treating with antibiotics. For the most part Dawn is resting peacefully sedated. When they move her you can see some facial expressions of pain and she'll open her eyes a bit. That's about the extent of any interaction or movement we've seen in the last two days.


Video of Dawn's heart

Update: 10:50am
She just got back from a CT Scan of her abdomen.

Dawn en-route to CT scan. It takes three people to move her with all the pumps and ventilator.

Update: 9:45am

Dawn is still stable. Her vitals are excellent. Her lungs are slightly better but other than that no change overnight. They're probably going to do a type of dialysis at some point to try and remove some of the fluid from her body, plus her kidneys aren't functioning. They suspect she may have some bleeding in the abdomen because her stomach was very tight and her hemoglobin levels dropped overnight. They might pull some fluid to see what it is. Her condition is described as "critical", she has some major body systems that aren't working properly.


Jeremy Shultz said...

Hey ya'll.... hang in there buddy, my good thoughts and prayers come yall's way numberous times everyday. I'm ready to see or hear that she's doing great. I can't wait for that day.

Tara said...

Come on Dawn!!!! You can do it. Kick the CML in the ass! FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Mike, don't know if you remember me but I'm Jessica from P.C. (now Jacksonville) and I'm still best friends with your sister :) I am just now finding out about all of this and I want you and Dawn to know that I and everyone that I could think to call are praying for you both. Dawn is my hero! Love you both!

Gina P. said...

Well wishes and happy thoughts....Keep up the good fight!

Thanks for the updates. Keep up the good work.

Love to you both!!
G and T (Mike's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Mike, Thanks for all the updates and keeping everyone informed on Dawn journey through all of this. Hoping each day for some better news. Know we are here if needed.
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Tara said...

Hi Mike,
Is there anything I can send Dawn for when she's up and about? DVD's, Slippers, anything that would make her feel better once she passes this hurdle? Like I said earlier, I'm just some girl from Philly, but I stumbled on Dawn's blog while I was being tested for leukemia in July. I know I can't send flowers, so if she would like anything else to make her hospital stay a little better, e-mail me. I know your really busy right now, concidering Dawn's condition, so just get back to me when you can. _Tara

My email:

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Mike just emailed me with your blog info and update. You have been in my thoughts and prayers even though we have not officially met- yet. I do know that you are in great hands- Dr. Stuart is wonderful! Please let us know if we can help in any way. Your blog is a great way to keep us informed. Darlene Benton, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Anderson Family Member said...

Mike, thank you so much for keeping up updated on Dawn. We are praying for you Dawn. All our Love your family in North Dakota Andersons

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, so glad there is a slight improvment, anything at all. You are never out of my thoughts and i pray that God will see fit to make everything start working properly soon. We just have to keep on trusting Him. I love you so much more than you know.Mike thanks for the updates as they keep us all informed. May God keep you wrapped close and use his healing powers soon.Dave and i are loving and praying that you have a speedy recovery.Thousands are doing the same and i have called all i know on prayer chains. Love you and miss you. GRANDMA Green

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the constant updates Mike. We're all praying for Dawn's speedy recovery. Let us at the office know what we can do.

Anonymous said...

Mike...give Dawn a big kiss for me & tell her I am thinking of her & keeping her in my prayers...hang in always she is our hero....Valerie

Sinnat Productions said...

Dawn – I’m praying for you. As long as I’ve know you, you have always had such a strong will. Keep up the good fight little sister!!! - Tannis

Felicia Murray said...

Mike, thanks so much for the updates. You're doing a really good job of capturing Dawn's journey and educating us about the importance of joining the donor registry. You're a good friend. I'm proud of you; keep up the good work! Make sure to take care of yourself too, as you'll want to be able to keep up with Dawn, when she's better!

Dawn, my family and I are praying for you, your family and Mike.

random high school classmate of Mike's

Toni Baker said...
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Toni Baker said...

I know you probably won't remember some of this journey when you are well but as you look back through this blog and read the tremendous and heart-warming outpouring of love and well wishes and prayers you are receiving know that everyone is walking this journey with you.

I know many are probably like me and have your blog minimized on my tool bar checking it a dozen times or more each day if not for the updates just to see your smiling face on your blog.

You are so loved and everyone I come in contact with from my co-workers in many states across the country to the lady in the hair salon is asking for your website and telling me they are praying for you. I am in a training class right now at my job and my instructor and other classmates came into today to tell me they and their family prayed for you last night. Whether or not someone believes in the power of prayer or not, I do believe in the power of love. With all the love coming your way, there is no doubt you are in the best hands of your doctor’s nurses and family and we can't wait to see you well.

Stay strong my dear one. We are here for you every minute.

Mike's Mom