Monday, December 15, 2008

Give blood!

I came home today to find my Red Cross donor card had arrived in the mail. On the front of the card it has my name, region, and blood type "O Negative." I put the card aside and then remembered Dawn was getting blood yesterday and the blood she received was "O Negative." I did give blood last month but the odds of that blood being from me is pretty slim. The blood did come from SOMEBODY however, a volunteer donor. Dawn gets blood almost every day and getting my card today reminded me of the need for blood donors. During the holiday season I imagine that the number of volunteer donors decreases due to everyone's busy lives, while the need stays the same. Please visit or call (800)GIVE-LIFE to find out where you can give blood in your area.

I'll be the first to admit, I hate needles, but after holding Dawn's hand day after day while they stick her with needles and worse, I decided I could handle giving blood. It really didn't hurt and I felt like I was really able to help somebody, maybe even Dawn!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Mike... I am so proud of you!! I have been meaning to tell you that we need to ask/beg folks for blood &, along with Dawn & other patients & family members know how many units of blood & platelets we use in a days time.. It takes only 30 minutes of your time & it truly makes a huge difference in someone's life. I, too donate blood every 8 weeks in hope that I one of our patients are the recipient..give Dawn lots of love for me & tell her like always she is my hero!! I am so proud of you to!! Tell her to be strong..she will make it through this!! Love you guys..
Valerie.. see you thursday..

Claudia Ingram said...

Hi Steve and Christy...
Hope you feel our hugs across the miles and know we pray often throughout the day. I check the blog often and we're so grateful to you, Mike, for keeping info on Dawn's status flowing to us.

Our love,

Claudia and Bob

Anonymous said...

You truly are an amazing guy and you have been more than wonderful to Dawn. I have to say you are my hero.

By the way I am on the donor list for Bone Marrow and I might just break down and give blood although I'm B- so I guess Dawn can't get my blood.

I'll be there tonight if you want dinner or a beer or white wine.

Love you guys.

hockeychic said...

I gave blood for the first time this year, I too am afraid of needles but after reading Adrian Sudbury's blog and becoming friend with another person who has leukemia, I decided it was time to get over my fear. I didn't faint and it didn't hurt really. I just didn't look and all was well. It felt much better knowing I could help someone. I'll be able to donate again at the end of this month and plan on doing it.