Sunday, December 28, 2008

From Mike: Day +33 (Day 27 in ICU)

Last night Dawn needed platelets and there was only one bag left in the blood bank. They gave it to Dawn but they had to call more in from other cities, which can be hard because they're running low too. I can't emphasize enough the need for blood donors. Please visit and donate blood in your area.
And as always we need people to register to become bone marrow donors. Visit for information.

Update: 10:40am
Dawn is still stable. Her blood gases last night needed work but mostly in her blood chemistry, she's been oxygenating ok. Not much has changed, they're going to try doing some tweaks on the ventilator in hopes they can lower the settings. The doctors said this could be a process that can take months.

Update: 2pm
Dawn has tested positive for a fungal infection in her blood. The good news is that the doctors have been trying to stay one step ahead of things and started her on an anti-fungal a few days ago. Typically, they have to take samples and let them grow in the lab and see what develops so the positive lab result today was a result of a sample taken a few days ago. It's likely the antifungal is already fighting this and it may have resolved already. This may have been a contributing factor to our scare a few days ago. Every day a team from infectious disease visits and examines Dawn for any signs of infection. They also consult with Dr. Costa and Dr. Stuart (her transplant Dr.'s) with any recommendations on medications to add or take away. It's good to have many eyes watching over her. Dawn's care is very much a team effort by many doctors. I can't express enough how impressed and amazed I am at how knowledgeable and thorough they are, even her nurses. They also seem to always be on the cutting edge of new technology and treatments. She may be at a hospital in a small city in South Carolina but I have no doubt that she's recieving world class care by the hands of world class doctors and nurses.

Update: 10pm
She had a pretty good day today, nothing got worse and a few things are a little better. They went down slightly on some of the settings on the ventilator at 8pm because her blood gases are doing well. Her heart has also been irregular and today and tonight it has been more stable. There was an infection in her arterial line today so they had to remove it and relocate it to her foot. Things seem to be holding, if not getting better and that's what we really need right now.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Dawn's status will get better! I have been reading Dawn's blog everyday, your football crew has been thinking about you and Dawn, day and night. You were missed by all and thought of constantly. You are an amazing person and Dawn is the strongest person I know. Keep the faith and never give up hope.

I miss my Trolly driver.
Jay Cox

Toni Baker said...

Good Morning Dear Ones,
Hope today is a good day for Dawn. I am so glad the doctors and the nurses are working so hard. I am impressed by their dedication and willingness to try whatever they can to ease her pain, or bring about her recovery. They know Dawn is so special to so many people and by now she is also very special to all of them. Like Dawn, they too are heroes fighting for the day Dawn will walk out of that hospital.

Lots of Love and as always sending happy thoughts to you my dear son, our precious Dawn and her family.


Heather M said...

Just wanted to pass on best wishes from Barry Bostwick.  He's hoping for as fast a recovery as there can be - as are we all.  Keep fighting.   

Hhoky said...

To Dawn and Family,
Hi, You don't know me but I am Jex's Mom, she is a friend of Dawns brother Will. Will is an extended family member of ours and our Guild (A group of people from across the world who play the game 'World of Warcraft').
I wanted to come by and pass on all the love, support and hope we have been sending your way since the beginning. Over 300 of us have been praying for you and sending our thoughts and energies to you.
Through your brother we have come to know what a special, loving and strong person you are.
Our guild extends our hearts to you and yours. All the love we have to give is given freely and in abundance to you and your family.
May you continue to shine brightly in the lives of all those you touch.

Maria G said...

still sending lots of love & healing thoughts from over here. you are all always on my mind, keep fighting & stay strong. dawn, you are an amazing person & i know you can beat this!
all my love,

Anonymous said...

You both are in our thoughts and prayers.

James Christopher

Anonymous said...

It takes certain kinds of people to take care of the ones that need the care, and from what I've read with all these posts since the beginning is that Dawn is in good hands. It seems that all the Doctors and nurses are doing all they can to see that Dawn beats this. It is also wonderful that she has the love and loads of prayers being sent out her way by all that post on this site, plus I'm sure that there are others that don't post but are saying prayers or wishing for some kind of miracle to happen so Dawn will be able to walk out of this hospital on her own. Until that happens we wait every day by the computer for the latest news reports that have been so helpful in letting all of us sitting on the sidelines know what is happening. Thanks Mike for your good reporting.
Love to all
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Anonymous said...

I am sending my love & strength to Dawn, Mike & Christy & the rest of her family...Give Dawn a hug & kiss from me.. I miss seeing you guys..

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Dawn, you are in my prayers and we are all confident you will beat this! Mike, thank you so much for keeping her blog updated so we all know how she is doing. You are both in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Keep believing and fighting. Miracles do happen. Please keep updating us on Dawn.

nicole said...

Im coming from the LLS board. I read your updates and browsed your pictures, you are absolutely beautiful. I am keeping you lifted up in prayer. Please no someone in Lousisiana is thinking of you tonight. My mom has AML, and had a SCT in August. Believing, nicole

Anonymous said...

I'm sending my prayers and best wishes from Ohio. You haven't met me but I'm a close friend of your brother, Will, and he's been keeping me posted on the happenings South Carolina. I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I'm grateful to have some kind of connection to someone as strong and amazing as you. The prayers of mine and my family's got out to you and your's. We're rooting for you Dawn! :D

Passing on the support.

Anonymous said...

Mike- So glad to hear that things are calming down a bit and stabilizing. Also glad to know that you feel so confident with the medical team and care that Dawn is getting.It does sound top notch! That means everything! I continue to send positive thoughts and prayers for Dawn's healing...and also lots of love.