Sunday, January 4, 2009

From Mike: Day +40 (Day 34 in ICU)

Dawn had a very rough night. She had a few periods of bradycardia which means she had a very slow heart rate. It was down to 20 at one point. This morning she had some very irregular rhythms, a-fib, flutter. They started amiodarone and it seems to have helped, her rhythm is now stable. Dawn's Mom was here first thing in the morning and the hospital suggested that she call us at home and have us come in. Her blood gases are looking very good and her chest x-ray shows much better looking lungs today. They were going to move her to the standard ventilator today but since her heart was acting up they might hold off. We're pushing for them to do the vent change. Her heart issue may be caused by a fungal infection in one or more of her lines. When she coded the day after Christmas she also had a fungal infection. They added a medication and she's tested negative since but this type of infection is rare and hard to treat. Once they change her to the standard ventilator they can change her lines and do her liver biopsy, hopefully in one trip to interventional radiology. Our hope is they can change her vent today and give her 24 hours to ensure stability, then tomorrow get these procedures done. Getting the lines changed might help with the fungal issues and getting the liver biopsy might help with directing treatment.

Her blast cells are down to 4% today and her other blood counts are mostly the same as yesterday. Her WBC was up in the 40's last night but it's now down to 32.8, ANC: 24.9, Hemoglobin: 8.8. Her liver hasn't changed much, bilirubin 29.7. Some of her liver enzymes are still trending down, one is up slightly from yesterday.

Update: 1:30pm
Dawn is off the oscillatory ventilator and back on the standard ventilator with pressure control. She had another period of heart arrhythmia just before changing the vent. They gave her another bolus of amiodarone and it quickly normalized. Her pressure is a bit low but not low enough yet to give pressers. She seems to be doing well on the vent, they'll do a blood gas soon and we'll know for sure.

A team of nurses and respiratory therapists about to change vents


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Dawn had a bad night but very happy to hear that things are once again stable. Happy to hear that the blast cells are falling and hope that continues. I try to put myself in your shoes but find it impossible to do, don't know how I could handle all the ups and downs. Hang in there kid. Talked to your Mom this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday. Looking forward to tomorrow where we might get some more positive news about Dawn, and hope they are able to do what you have been waiting for them to do with the liver biopsy, and the vent change. Give Dawn a hug for us.
Grandpa Tony & Nancy

Sunny said...

This is my first post, but I've been reading since before Christmas. I've been checking daily and continue to pray from Dawn.

Sunny in Wisconsin

Maria G said...

Sorry to hear it was a rough night & morning for you guys, but its great that Dawn was able to get onto the standard ventilator & that the blast cells seem to be going down. Hope this is a sign of continuing progress.
You guys are still constantly in my thoughts & I don't go a minute without admiring the strength that you all have. Everyone over here in hawaii is looking forward to more good news in the days to come & of course a full recovery for Dawn!
all my love,

Kashmir said...

Know that you are all in our thoughts. Dawn is loved by so many who are rooting for her to come through. She is getting the best treatment possible. It has to lead to success!
with aloha,

Anonymous said...

Continue to follow your blog and pray for dawn. My son went through transplant for relapsed aml with a double u cord. I pray that things smooth out for you all.

Diane (LALS Board)

Anonymous said...

dawn really needs a break from all this. glad that things has been stable and blasts are down.

praying for all of you.


Claudia Ingram said...

As we pray for Dawn's healing and wisdom for her doctors, we also pray that God would lift the weariness in your soul, Mike, as well as in Steve, Christy and all who surround Dawn. This is certainly a marathon rather than a sprint, and is requiring much of all of you.

Our love,

Claudia and Bob

Anonymous said...

This is my first time on your site Dawn, and I am inspired by your streng and love of life that has and will carry you through these difficult times.
I am going to become a blood doner and maye a marrow doner now, I doubt it will help you in SC (I am in British Columbia) but I may help someone else!
My family and I would like to wish you continued hope and may you win this fight.
Floraszun ( Mike )

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Oh I am SO looking forward to seeing Dawn smile again one day soon!
All that equipment all around her is totally amazing.
Know that I think of you all so often.
love and light

Gina P. said...

Mike and Dawn,

Thoughts of you guys and what you are going through crowd our thoughts. We continue to pray and hope for positive changes even if it is baby steps.

I admire the strength of both of you and take pride in just knowing you and feel blest to call you family.

Best wishes as always are being sent your way.

We love you!!

Gina and Mom (Toni)

Karen Collins said...

We continue to pray for healing for Dawn and for God to hold you all in His arms during this time. May His presence, love and peace minister to you all and fill Dawn's room. We love you. Karen & Boyd

margieurl said...

My Dearest Dawn,
Today is avery hard day for all of those who love you,I want to tell you that I love you and continue to pray for you, God is a mighty powerful God that has you in his hands, I remember when you were little, that awesome smile and all those curls,WOW what a beautiful child you were and now what a beautiful you are. Dawn my wish is that you can forgive me for not being a better aunt to you, but God is doing wonderful things in my life, I am living for him now ,not me...Keep fighting the fight and if you are tired it's ok to open your arms and let HIm take you home,where there is no more pain, no more suffering, only happiness.I'll see you when I get there.I love you, I always have,May God bless and keep you.
Love Aunt Margie